windows 7 as thin vmview client setup


  1.  Install windows 64. Activate product key.
  2.  Power setting 2 hour wait then sleep
  3.  Create a standard user account "thinclient"
  4.  Change account properties for "thinclient" No password, user cannot change password, password do not expire.
  5.  Install vmview client. Enable all usb options and remove login as current user.
  6.  Download
  7.  Copy admin folder from to c:
  8.  Remove permissions for authenticated users from admin folder
  9.  Change to static ip address if you need to setup static ip.
  10.  To enable autologin for "thinclient" account. Start>run>netplwiz> select "thinclient">uncheck “user must enter password”
  11.  Enter no password. Click ok.
  12.  Reboot
  13.  Run c:\admin\vmview*.reg
  14.  reboot